Paul Littlewood - Television

Paul Littlewood – Television

by Jason

It’s always lovely when pop music is powerful. By that I don’t mean that it’s emotive necessarily but that it’s serious in a messaging sort of way. Paul Littlewood‘s “Television” is one of these songs. Written in the turmoil of the last presidential election in the United States, “Television” is a commentary on the events from someone from across the pond in Britain. As the U.S. election distracted, other forces moved to perpetrate heinous political maneuvers in Britain. In terms of the music, Littlewood channels a mixture of what made the Beatles great in their pop sensibilities as well as a vocal carefulness that brings back longings for The Beach Boys. “Television” is what pop was meant to be: simple, open, and gloriously catchy. The video is a brilliant companion to the track, as old television footage plays on the screen of the early days of space exploration. People gather around their T.V. sets to watch as Littlewood croons “Television, blew my brains out, no more readin'”. This b-side to the “Today” single is brilliant and everyone should be paying attention to what Paul Littlewood does next.



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