FEATURED TRACK: Oxy - Pink Socks

FEATURED TRACK: Oxy – Pink Socks

by Jason

Music is something that has saved me time and again. It’s been a constant in my life that has created soundtracks, needed language for feelings, and a sense of safety in a world gone mad. Oxy, for me, creates the kind of music that has done all of these things. Their debut EP from 2017 is a stunner with four perfect tracks. From “No Shoes” to “Cold Hands”, the band shapes warbling guitar lines, glistening tonal melodies, driving drum and bass, and exquisite vocals into something incredibly special. Now, Oxy is back and I couldn’t be more excited. On the cusp of a full-length called FITA, the band has released a dreamy, throwback inspired track in “Pink Socks”. Beginning with the sound of the insertion of a VHS tape, guitars created a lucid mood with punctuations of flipped beats and ethereal vocals. Dreamy walls of sound float by in the speakers and hypnotizes. “Pink Socks” is another track that draws the listener into the fabulous, dreamlike world of Oxy. Push play, turn up the volume, close your eyes, and wrap yourself in the aural spell only Oxy can cast!


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