Being Cliche as Hell - A Spotifycast Thanks to All the Fans #53

Being Cliche as Hell – A Spotifycast Thanks to All the Fans #53

Hello Somewherecold faithful! Well, here in the declining U.S., it’s a holiday week. Whatever one might think of Thanksgiving, it’s a yearly tradition fraught with navigating families, dietary choices, and, at least, getting a bit of a respite from work. This week’s theme deals with thankfulness, family, autumn, holidays, and the like. Mostly, I want to thank all the readers who have made this year kind of amazing for Somewherecold. 2018 looks to be a banner year with the possibility of a new staff member coming aboard, Somewherecold Records expanding its roster (if people actually start buying some music that is), and more Somewherecold Radio Hour. While 2017 has been a brutal one here at the Somewherecold offices for personal reasons, this site and its readers have been a haven of wonder for me personally. I truly believe that art can save people. I know it has me in the last year or so. Let’s continue moving forward, supporting the bands we all love, buying music, and being a grand community that listens to one another. In this Spotifycast, I include tracks by My Education, The Ears on the Trees, City of Dawn, Forest Management, Adam Pacione, Pia Fraus, The Spider Ferns, Lowtide, My Bloody Valentine, The Corrupting Sea, Starflyer 59, God is an Astronaut, Infinity Girl, Pas/Cal, and Foliage. ENJOY!

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