FEATURED TRACK! Danxia - Washed Out

FEATURED TRACK! Danxia – Washed Out

Since August of 2016, Danxia have been leaking tracks out onto the internet for people to find and encounter. Their brand of dreamy, lilting shoegaze/dreampop evokes the best of Cocteau Twins along with the emotive center of Slowdive. “Washed Out” is their newest single and it’s a beauty. Swirling reverb drenched guitars cascade as bright melodies play over ethereal vocals. This is a shoegaze daydream spun into hypnotic movements and explosive, momentary fuzz walls. All of their tracks, including their Learn to Swim EP are free to download at Bandcamp. Get on board with this band because, if there is justice in the world, they are going to be huge!

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