The Age of Colored Lizards: Summer Rain EP (Sotron Records, 2017)

The Age of Colored Lizards: Summer Rain EP (Sotron Records, 2017)

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by Jason

The Age of Colored Lizards came out of nowhere at the beginning of 2017 with their Another Day EP. To say that they have a handle on the wonders of gorgeous pop construction would be an understatement. Gleaming guitars over perfectly written melodies, The Age of Colored Lizards finds the same sweet spot that Jesus and the Mary Chain does in their homage to 60’s pop music. Released on September 1, Summer Rain is another four tracks of pop, lo-fi exquisiteness. Like blankets of warm sunshine, The Age of Colored Lizards create pithy pop musings here, once again giving the listener only a small taste of what might be on a full length.

“See You” opens with hypnotically strummed guitars that reverberate with fuzzy, warm edges. The slightly reverb tinged vocals draw you in with their haunting melancholy. “See You” is a pithy track about a broken relationship, at least it seems that way. Contrasted with the poppy, fuzzed out tones, it’s a brilliant radio ready single. “Wake Up” slows the pace down a bit but continues that more acerbic tension in the lyrics. A slinking track, “Wake Up” meanders its way through dejected pop undercurrents that chafe against the bright, sunny guitar veneer.

“Hold Your Hand” is a pensive, ear worm like track not unlike a Beach Boyesque melody that evokes the sea with the sun reflecting off the crashing surf. The guitar strums over deep set drums and carefully quiet bass. One thing this band does wonderfully is mix their lo-fi style with an ear to subtlety. The mix is guitar and vocal heavy but there is just enough rhythm section to matter and it’s perfection. “Summer Rain” rounds out the new EP with another slower track. “Like the Summer Rain” sings out from the speakers as it is repeated through the chorus. The melancholic moments of prior tracks have dissipated and a new, fresh start seems to appear here. The bright guitars no longer contrasting but reflecting their effusive brightness.

The Age of Colored Lizards once again tantalize with a brief set of tracks on this new EP. Moving from a melancholic contrast to shinier, brighter realizations, Summer Rain is a lo-fi pop tour de force. While I love the tracks being released in short bursts, I long for a full length. The Age of Colored Lizards sure leaves the listener wanting more. Get a copy of the EP at their Bandcamp!