FEATURED TRACK: Motorcade - Recover

FEATURED TRACK: Motorcade – Recover

By Jason

So, there’s this band I would like to tell you all about that is about to come out of Dallas, TX. The band’s name is Motorcade. They will be releasing their first album on January 19th via Idol Records and I have had the distinct honor of hearing the entire album. To give a little background on how I ran into this band without much out there, I was at a concert seeing ambient artists ATOP, Adam Pacione, and Derek Rogers. As the evening got on, John Dufilho showed up and we got to chatting. Embarrassingly, I didn’t really know who John was in terms of his musical output until the next day when I googled him. Anyway, he told me he would send me three tracks from the album to check out and, perhaps, we could do something for the site. Well, with those three tracks I was sold. Motorcade is Andrew Huffstettler (vox), James Henderson (keys), John Dufilho (bass), and Jeff Ryan (drums). The four members have been in various bands and have toured with various projects over the years including St. Vincent, The Apples in Stereo, The War on Drugs, The Deathray Davies, Baboon, Daniel Johnston, Cliffs of Insanity, Pleasant Grove, and The Baptist Generals.

James Henderson is the mastermind and key songwriter of the band. Producing an incredibly nostalgic sound, Motorcade‘s tracks all channel the likes of Jesus and the Mary Chain, Echo and the Bunnymen, Love and Rockets, New Order among other 80’s iconic bands. What Motorcade does brilliantly is embody all of these bands without ever sounding like them. It’s brilliant and the album in its entirety so very good. “Recover” is the first track the band has released to the public and it has been on constant rotation on Dallas radio. “Recover” is an 80’s pop wonder worthy of the likes of 80’s KROQ fame. Give it a listen!

Also, on the next Somewherecold Radio Hour, I will be premiering a track from the album not yet released!


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