PREMIERE: Pure Phase Ensemble 6 ft. Anton Newcombe - Live at Spacefest!

PREMIERE: Pure Phase Ensemble 6 ft. Anton Newcombe – Live at Spacefest!

by Jason

Somewherecold is proud to present a premiere of Pure Phase Ensemble‘s current live recording from their show at Spacefest. For those not familiar with the group, it is a rotating cast of musicians that come together every December at Spacefest and the group is curated by a new person every year as well. This year’s group consisted of Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) on vocals, guitar, and mellotron; Emil Nikolaisen (Sarena Maneesh) on guitar; Karol Schwarz (7faz, KSAS) on guitar and vocals; Olga Mysłowska (Polpo Motel) on keyboard and vocals; Maciej Karmiński (Jesień) on drums; Marcin Lewandowski (Judy’s FuneralCastlingsSoon) on bass;  Jakub Żwirełło (Oslo Kill CitySzezlong) on guitar; and Kacper Graczyk (Aiodinecoding) on electronic beats, synths and backing vocals. The results of these varied and talented musicians is demonstrated in the beautifully recorded album that was the result of their concerted efforts. Moving from ambience to swelling guitar eruptions, the variety of instrumentation and the overall creative energy exude from the speakers giving the listener a tantalizing taste of what it must have been like to have been present for the performance. This particular live album came out today and is available for download for €4 at the ensemble’s bandcamp! Stream it below and buy yourself a copy!

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