FEATURED VIDEO: Pia Fraus - That's Not All

FEATURED VIDEO: Pia Fraus – That’s Not All

by Jason

Anyone who pays attention to Somewherecold knows that I am excited about the forthcoming Pia Fraus album. It’s been almost a decade since the band has released an album and, from the singles that have been coming out, the band sounds like they are in more than fine form! The band has just released a new video for their single “That’s Not All“, which I recently reviewed for their forthcoming official release of the track along with a collection of wonderful remixes from AirielGalaklanUlrich SchnaussPicnic, and Mahogany. The track itself is signature Pia Fraus with warped, dreamy guitars and bright percussion. Eve Komp, who is featured in the video, blends her beautifully melodic vocals with founding member Rein Fuks, who also plays guitar. The video itself is directed by Joosep Volk who is an ex-member of the band and long-time friend. Like the single’s cover for the limited CD, the video is full of blurred lights like stars floating through the frame. The band is shown playing the track while cut scenes occur with Komp driving around a city (I’m guessing somewhere in Estonia). It gives a sense of wandering about and the sort of lostness one can feel on a long drive while daydreaming. Check out the video below. Below the video is included a link to the pre-order for the single.


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