VIDEO PREMIERE: Greenhouse - Part Time

VIDEO PREMIERE: Greenhouse – Part Time

by Jason

Greenhouse is a Toronto-based dreampop band consisting of Quinn Fisher (guitar, vocals), Hugh Hart (bass), Sacha Katz (lead vocals, guitar), and Joe Flan (drums). The new video, being premiered on the web today here at Somewherecold, is a track off their brilliant 2016 self-titled EP. Directed by Aidan Cheeatow, the video begins with a vehicle left alone, with all doors open, and the keys in the ignition. One of the bandmembers hops in and just drives away, picking up friends along the way. The video goes on to depict a journey with friends, mundane but important, and the longing that Katz sings of for a particular love interest. The track itself is a gorgeous dreampop rendition with sophisticated countermelodies awash in dreamy, hypnotic guitar tones. The video culminates in friends shooting off fireworks together, a beautiful image as the guitars soar and intertwine. Give it a listen and a watch! You won’t be disappointed!



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