Somewherecold Spotifycast #32 - Music I Can't Stop Listening To

Somewherecold Spotifycast #32 – Music I Can’t Stop Listening To

Well, this week I just ditched the genre theme and put together a group of tracks from albums and singles I just can’t stop listening to lately. Included in the list are tracks from Deafcult, Minor Victories, Slowdive, Newmoon, Hoops, Tiny Fireflies, The Veldt, Fazerdaze, Dream Rimmy, Dead Leaf Echo, Electro Group, Airiel, The Swan Thief, Subsonic Eye, Atariame, The Beremy Jets, STRFKR, Psychic Twin, and Mono. It’s an incredibly eclectic mix. This is definitely a peep into the listening habits of the person that runs Somewherecold. However, I did leave ambient artists off this list because that just felt TOO eclectic. Perhaps another ambient list is due for the next spotifycast! ENJOY!


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