Dead Leaf Echo & My Education at The Foundry in Dallas, TX

Dead Leaf Echo & My Education at The Foundry in Dallas, TX

by Jason

The Foundry in Dallas, TX put on a free show with shoegaze band Dead Leaf Echo and My Education, an epic set of bands especially for the ticket price: free. For those not familiar with Dead Leaf Echo, they are a four-piece shoegaze band from Brooklyn, NY whose first release came out in 2008. They are LG (Guitar, Vox), Ana (Guitar, Vox), Steve (Bass), and Kevin (drums). Dead Leaf Echo definitely brought the shoegaze with a fabulous post-punk flair. LG and Ana prove to be incredible guitar players, utilizing their various guitar tones and textures to fill out their live sound with walls of textures and sonics. The live interpretations of the tracks found on albums is energetic and creative, giving fans of the band a whole new take on their output. Their vocals sat back in the mix as LG and Ana provided dreamy vocals, adding another layer to the walls of sound. Steve and Kevin lend a strong, heavy rhythm section, helping to create both quiet and explosive moments. For any fan, the treat really was getting to hear new unreleased tracks that demonstrate a very promising new LP hopefully to be coming sooner rather than later. Here’s the set list:

Temple (new)
Strawberry Skin (new)
Lemonheart (Lemonheart 7”)
Boo (new)
true.deep.sleeper (true.deep.sleeper)
so.wrong (true.deep.sleeper)
Memorytraces (Thought & Language)
It’s Starting to Happen (new)

20161014_213225My Education played an equally brilliant set, giving fans a treat by previewing their new album due out in March of 2017. They played as much of the album in sequence as time would allow and, I have to say, it may be some of their best material. My Education has been productive for about fifteen years now and is currently made up of six members: Brian Purington (guitar), Chris Hackstie (guitar), James Alexander (viola), Scott Telles (bass), Earl Bowers (drums), and Kirk Laktas (keyboards). I would have to say that the highlight of the My Education set was the prominence of James’ viola playing in the mix. It was prominent in many of the tracks and provided a depth to the walls of sound when the entire band erupted. Of course, Brian and Chris produce these incredibly complex guitar lines over the rhythm section while Kirk adds another set of ton20161014_213652es, sonics, and textures to the overall soundscape. Let’s not forget the beating heart of the band, Scott and Earl. Scott’s bass work is intricate and rumbling, adding chords to put in a deep floor under the guitars and melodies while Earl is just a beast live. Saying that he’s a solid drummer is an understatement.  My Education has been a staple of the Austin scene for well over a decade and they are a tight
, emotive band live. Here’s the list of new songs they played off their forthcoming album Schiphol.

Open Marriages (new, Schiphol)
Coordinates (new, Schiphol)
Class A (new, Schiphol)
Krampus (new, Schiphol)
This Time Let’s Rock (2 Minutes of It) (new, Schiphol)

This band combination was more than I had hoped for at a free show on a Friday night. The only real disappointment was the lack of bodies in the space to really give these bands the audience they truly deserve. If you have the opportunity, go see them live. Their currently listed tour dates and links to their tour date lists are below.

Dead Leaf Echo Tour Dates

Digital Camera

October 29th, Brooklyn NY – ARKHAM Zombie Halloween Party
November 6th, New York NY – Berlin TAPE RELEASE PARTY
November 9th, Ft. Wayne IN. – The Brass Rail
November 10th, Chicago IL. – The Empty Bottle
November 11th, Detroit MI – Echo Fest Pre-Party Garden Bowl / Majestic Theater
November 12th, Kalamazoo MI – Kalamazshoegazer Festival
November 25th, Nashville TN. – TBA
December 3rd, Philadelphia PA – Ortlieb’s

My Education Tour Dates

October 22nd, Austin, TX – Fine Southern Gentlemen
December 9th, Houston, TX – Satallite

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