Heroes of Switzerland: Disposable Fiction (Music to Bleed to, 2005)

by Jason

heroes of Switzerland FictionBlistering out of the UK, Heroes of Switzerland bring a mix of shoegaze and driving rock-guitars on their debut ep Disposable Fiction. Released on their own music label, Music to Bleed to, Ian Lockwood, Jon Crannage, Jez Sullivan, and Matt Power form a quartet of sonic bliss and no holds bar energy. Touring Britain often, Heroes have blessed ClubAC30 with their sonic barrage.

Disposable Fiction begins with the self-titled track. From the very first note, the guitars and drums instantly explode through the speakers. This barrage has embedded vocals that are fuzzed out as the guitars swell over the aggressive drums. In the chorus, the vocals come to the fore and are more audible over the wave of the sonic wall. “Waiting” begins with shimmering guitars on a bed of fuzz and driving percussion. The vocals on this song, I think, are more akin to the shoegaze genre. Droning and deeply embedded the entire time, they add to the feel of the instruments, lending a melodic feel to the song. Rounding out this three-song ep is “Fall.” Beginning on a lighter note, this song gives the listener a bit of a break from the more sonically flooded tones on the rest of the disc. The bass work in this song is tight and the melodic changes wonderful. There is almost a strong eighties rock feel in this song (and I mean that in a good way).

This is a tight set of three songs. They blaze through your speakers quickly but leave a lasting impression. My only complaint is the length. The entire disc is around 12 minutes, which only gives the listener a small taste of what the band has written. I hope to hear more soon.

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