Yellow6: Music For Pleasure (Rocket Racer Records, 2001)

by Brent

Yellow6 Music For PleasureOne of my favourite things about this site is that I have been able to share with other music lovers some rather obscure bands that I think should get more recognition. However, as the site has grown, the likelihood of some of the bands getting lost in the seemingly endless list of music groups becomes a real possibility. Being an instrumental act out of the UK, Yellow6 is in danger of becoming one of those acts that no one notices. And that would be a real shame…

The mastermind behind Yellow6 is a guy named Jon Attwood, a musician who has played in rock bands for quite some time. Yet, going solo, he decided to craft instrumental, ambient music culled mostly from guitar sounds. And while that may sound rather boring to some listeners, Yellow6‘s 2001 release Music for Pleasure is anything but boring. On this cd, we are treated to over an hour’s worth of haunting, droning, glorious music. Perfect for rainy days, dark nights, or wintry drives through barren landscapes, Yellow6 somehow manages to capture something more than the sum of its guitar parts. You know what Attwood‘s doing, he’s playing notes on a guitar and on computers, yet the notes stir your soul, and capture your imagination. The tracks blend well together, at times linked by odd samples and loops, and due to the blending nature of Music for Pleasure, no track really stands out. But that’s not a bad thing! With a shoegaze sensibility, yet a sensitivity to melody and mood, Music for Pleasure‘s tracks build slowly and securely, bathing the listener in wonderful sounds. If you like ambient, slow, artistic creations, and have some imagination, you will be blown away by this disc.

Evidently, if you go to, you’ll see that Attwood is the hardest working man in music. You can purchase this disc, along with countless others, directly off his site with paypal.

Note: check the way he samples the sound of fingers going to another note on a guitar in “And-is”..brilliant and haunting.

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