Velour 100: Fall Sounds (Tooth and Nail, 1996)

by Brent

Velour 100 Fall SoundsSoothing, relaxing, serene, breezy…all are appropriate adjectives to describe Velour 100′s debut 1996 release. With its mellow atmosphere, earthy lyrics, and simple arrangement, fall sounds is not at all unlike a folk album. A folk album, though, that has been washed in reverb and bathed in electricity. But, for all its effects and spacey guitars, or perhaps because of said effects, Fall sounds still captures the spirit of a forest at autumn, with the wind gently blowing and rustling the leaves.

Okay, so maybe I’m not as poetic as I would like to be, but this cd is marvelous. Fall sounds highlights reverb guitars and pianos, creative drumming, and fuses them together with heartfelt female vocals. I love the moods generated by the delicate song structures, and the way many of the songs lead into one another. Definitely a great listen in its entirety, fall sounds also boasts some memorable songs ranging from loud and almost grinding to soft and pensive. The lyrics look to God through creation, and the yearning within all of our hearts. One of my all-time favourite cd’s, for sure. My feeble attempt at reviewing this cd does not give it the credit it deserves.

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