Noah of Confusion Ends

Noah of Confusion Ends

by Brent

First of all, who are you?

I’m Noah Nichols of Confusion Ends and I love to create emotional music! Or at least try, right?

What is the inspiration behind the name “Confusion Ends?”

The inspiration is that of my ex girlfriend of a year and a half, who would always tell me to NOT play music because I wasn’t good enough. I finally had enough strength to realize she wasn’t for me, so now I’m alone and focusing on musical deals.

Is this the first musical project you’ve been in?

Well, yes and no. I’ve been in a few “bands” I guess. But none of them have ever worked out. I’m excited to do this project because it’s like, I can’t…you know, quit. How can I get into a fight with myself? Haha. Impossible. I’m very comfortable in my situation right now.

Who are some bands that you are listening to these days?

I listen to so much, you’d probably be surprised as to what I’d list…but I will list some of the more “emo” ambient projects I’m listening to right now. Last Days Of Aprils Angel Youth Mineral Endserenading Brian Eno Discreet Music and Mogwai’s Come On Die Young You can definitely tell my influences in all those albums.

Your new cd is coming out soon. What is it called, and what can we expect on it?

Yes, it’s called Hoping the Dream Comes True and you can expect a lot more from me, basically. Not to say that I’m “selling out” or whatever. I’m just doing a lot more, I will have the ambient stylings most definitely, but also acoustics and pianos will play a huge huge part in the CD…plus, I am singing on 8 of the 10 tracks. The closer “Parting Ways” is being completely redone by Ash Earl and I and it is just…amazing. He inspires me and the music.

What is the inspiration behind your music?

My inspiration comes from heartbreak, sadness, depression…a lot of things that have happened in my life. I feel music is my way of communicating and…channeling my emotions to people. It’s very therapeutic for me, and this CD is basically like my personal journal. Everything will be let out.

Have you tried to play your music live? How did it go?

Hmmm, I’ve had offers to play little clubs around here in Columbus, Ohio…but I don’t want to play anywhere until I have my CD ready and available for people to hear. I guess it’s like, I want to play a set…and then have people enjoy it, and then maybe get a CD and listen to it on the way home. I know I always do that with the bands I see.

When did you get interested in ambient music? Are you even interested in ambient music?

Ever since I was introduced to the sounds of Brian Eno. He is my God and yours. Haha. But seriously, he is. He opened up so many doors for me and my ideas. Also, there is this band called Velour 100 and they have a CD called Fall Sounds. It is ABSOLUTELY breath taking…it is out of print, but I highly suggest finding it…anywhere. Take my word for it. Beautiful ambient creations. Just heavenly.

Describe for us a little bit about the songwriting process.

Well, on Hoping, I just wrote out all the words sporadically, in a three month period following my break-up. The words are very personal and I just hope people understand that. I’m not trying to win over anyone with catchy lyrics or whatever, I just want people to see that what I write is from the heart. Especially that there is a song about my father on there near the CD which is just going to be pure emotion. Watch out…

What bands have influenced you in your songwriting?

Too many to name, but let’s just say that Scott Windsor is a genius and a DEFINITE inspiration vocally. He is the man behind The Lyndsay Diaries, a very good acoustic project.

I met you through Coastal…have you heard their Winter lp? What did you think?

Yes, I have heard some of it, Coastal is amazing and Chad has become a good friend of mine. I love their music and wish nothing but the best for them.

Do you have any other comments?

I would just like to say that it honestly brings so much joy into my life to see just one person and how my music could ever affect them emotionally. To get just one e-mail saying positive things, is just…so amazing. I have made some very very good friends in just the span of three months, too many to list and I am glad that I have made one in you as well. If anyone wants to hear my music and get to know me better, check out and hopefully, I’ll hear from some of you soon. Take care and thank you again. Let the emotion continue…

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