OUT NOW! Xqui: Pieces Part 2 (Somewherecold Records, 2022)

OUT NOW! Xqui: Pieces Part 2 (Somewherecold Records, 2022)

As mysterious as he is prolific, Xqui, artist of a thousand voices, sits on the boundaries of time and space, creating sound worlds from a variety of other-worldly sources. An innovator, feted by the indie-electronica press, Xqui’s output and scope is vast, engaging, ambient and brilliant in equal measure!

Pieces Part 2 represents a return to field recordings made by Xqui on his trusty mobile phone and Dictaphone, manipulated with apps and via his laptop with the addition of small sounds from his massive sound library.  A common link of words repeats throughout the album providing a thread in otherwise unassociated tracks.

Dominic Valvona of Monolith Cocktail states, “The soundtrack to a both mysterious and uneasy film, or, a piece of video and installation art, Xqui’s experiments with the voice are as challenging as they are successful in drawing the listener into a strange world. Images unfold, atmospheres, memories take shape in a language of field recordings, repeated annunciations, speech and obscured choral cosmic and esoteric moans and metallic industrial sounds.”

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