FOR CURRENT PRE-ORDER - Concussed: Electromagnetic Dust Out Aug 12, 2022

FOR CURRENT PRE-ORDER – Concussed: Electromagnetic Dust Out Aug 12, 2022

This August, sound and moving image artist Jim Branstetter releases a second full length album,  Electromagnetic Dust, on SomewhereCold Records under the project name Concussed.

Known in the local DFW music scene for his noise and video act, Schmekelhead, as well as his soundscape project Concussed, Branstetter also has hosted live performance showcases in Dallas, TX, before the pandemic with the series Run with Scissors, and now after with Caustic Beats, held monthly in east Dallas. Concussed is Branstetter‘s experimental music project that explores sound textures, field recordings, beats and conceptual composition, expanding the production strategies learned during the creation of his first album, Precipice Of The Void, (featured on Igloo Magazine’s Best of 2021 list),

The album, Electromagnetic Dust was produced and recorded during the fall of 2021 and spring of 2022 during the recovery from lockdown of the Covid 19 Pandemic. “I tend to think visually when coming up with ideas for tracks”, Branstetter explains. Branstetter produced each track as a vignette of emotional reaction to what was happening on the world stage as well as his personal life, like a sonic journal of sorts.

Themes in the new album include dark personal moods while in dire circumstances during and shortly after the pandemic, lethargy, the atrocities of war, Sci-Fi space themes, and a futuristic tale of environmental doom. Texan experimental pop chanteuse, Lily Taylor is featured on the track, “Meltin’ Into Sofa” with several layers of improvised vocalizations. “I hope the listeners can make their own personal story while experiencing the tracks,” Branstetter says.

Concussed: Electromagnetic Dust will be released on CD and Digital on August 12, 2022.

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