Soñder: Broken in Place Out Today on Somewherecold Records!

Soñder: Broken in Place Out Today on Somewherecold Records!

The last few years have touched everyone in different yet difficult ways. Towards the end of 2021, Sean F. Schultz was dealing with grief and the end of someone’s life that was and is dear to him. As Soñder, Schultz partly processes that grief through his newest album entitled Broken in Place.

At the core, the album is beat driven, massive, and layered. If there was ever an album that expressed remorse and the process of grief, this industrial juggernaut is it. Touching on his father’s death, it is unmistakable when hospital machines and metallic sounds transport you through the percussive cries and the incredible mix of synths that create the intended sonic story of Broken in Place.

Soñder is another one of those artists that have achieved such a mastery of their craft that they should be far more recognized. Sean f. Schultz attempts a journey into a soul which is healing and cohesive. Thoughts of his father’s last breath while holding his hand, 80’s dance musik to cure the pain, and the sounds of the modern world around, mesh together to create Broken in Place.

Soñder: Broken in Place is out on CD in digipak along with multiple digital formats.

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