OUT NOW! Jeremy Bastard - "Gemini (feat: David Katz)" Single (Somewherecold Records, 2020)

OUT NOW! Jeremy Bastard – “Gemini (feat: David Katz)” Single (Somewherecold Records, 2020)

The last release for the year 2020 is the second single from Jeremy Bastard‘s forthcoming January 22, 2021 vinyl release Everyone is History, There is No Memory “Gemini (feat: David Katz)”. The single, which plays more like an EP, contains six tracks with the album track, two unique tracks that will not appear on the final vinyl album, and a number of remixes of “Gemini” by DJ Fancy, The Corrupting Sea, and Mevius. The two extra tracks are “Suicide Eyes (feat: Jasno Swarez)” and “Riptides (feat: Eric Shans)” and are on par with the tracks that made the vinyl album. Get a digital copy of the single. This is the only place these tracks will be available except for the original album track.

Get the singles “Shadow Boxing” and “Gemini” on the Somewherecold Records Bandcamp and pre-order the vinyl record due out January 22, 2021!


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