FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER - Jeremy Bastard: Everyone is History, There is No Memory (Somewherecold Records, 2021)

FOR IMMEDIATE PRE-ORDER – Jeremy Bastard: Everyone is History, There is No Memory (Somewherecold Records, 2021)

The pre-orders are up for the limited Jeremy Bastard: Everyone is History, This is No Memory vinyl and digital. This epic album is a tour de force of post-punk, synthwave, shoegaze, dreampop, and so much more. Featuring a number of incredible vocalists, Bastard provides the massive sound track while the vocalists add their own brilliant flavor to the songs on which they contribute. The first single, “Shadow Boxing“, is a brilliant dreampop laden dance tune that features the pixie like vocals of the brilliant Elektra Monet (if you don’t know her own music, go to bandcamp right now and search or her page).

This is the first officially announced album for 2021 and is a huge step for Somewherecold Records with a full blown vinyl release without outside help (i.e. Kickstarter, etc). So, we are all hoping you will dive into this one. The second single will be premiered next week on DKFM and it’s another amazing track entitled “Gemini”. There will once again be a single with a unique set of b-sides.

Jeremy Bastard is a nightlight DJ, Shoegaze guitarist (Autodrone), remixer, and with his debut album a solo music Producer.  With clubs shutdown, and NYC nightlife on permanent hiatus during the pandemic, Jeremy had little choice but to wait out the worst of the City’s shutdown in Florida. There, away from his longtime home and with nothing but a laptop Jeremy started to get creative. Investing in some new music software: DX7, vintage drum machine samples, and a suite of Arturia virtual instruments, he set to work without any of his usual bandmates or tools. Finding inspiration in his limitations, he was soon composing guitar figures on synths, using a cue from his early heroes the Sisters of Mercy approach. Guitar music with no guitars.

This is Jeremy Bastard‘s first properly released full length record, but it isn’t a solo record. He’s collaborated with different very talented musicians who he’s met at different stages of his musical development and collaborated with each of them on tracks to bring you, the listener, a unique and engaging experience. All music was composed, performed, recorded by BASTARD Between May and September of 2020 except for the live guitars on “Shadow Boxing” which his band mate Tristan played. All vocalists contributed their own lyrics and melodies.

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