The Massive Tombstones in Their Eyes: Collection Out Today!

The Massive Tombstones in Their Eyes: Collection Out Today!

Years in the making, Tombstones in Their Eyes: Collection brings together a massive collection of early and newer material remastered and ready for you to blast from your sound systems. Nineteen tracks across two cds and two vinyls, these tracks make up a career of swirling, psychedelic, shoegaze laden songs worth listen after listen. Always emotionally powerful, Tombstones in Their Eyes really shines here with personal and moving tracks across the course of five years

“Tombstones’ songs are personal, exploring the writer’s feelings, doubts, fears and hopes. The period covers from ‘Sleep Forever’, which came out in 2015, so these songs cover about 5 years of songwriting and show the progression of the band’s sound from their first studio sessions until their 2019 album ‘Maybe Someday’.”
~Noise Journal

“Forgive me for repeating something which tends to raise its head whenever I put pen to paper on behalf of a new Tombstones In Their Eyes record, but it does really get to the heart of what makes them stand out from the rest of the post-punk pack. As the imaginary needle drops on the illusionary disc, I never fail to be amazed at the absolute breath of their music and I Can’t See The Light is no exception. Amazed at the contrast between cavernous walls of sound and deft, understated interludes, between the searing squalls of guitar and the often half-heard vocals expertly doggy-paddling in an effort to keep its head above the sonic waters, between the sheer beauty and raw danger, the less and the more.”
~ Swindonian on “I Can’t See the Light”

The single has been played far and wide and now the entirety of the nineteen tracks are live for all to listen to at their leisure.

Get a copy on double vinyl or double CD soon as these are moving fast.


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