Droneroom: Jesus Year Pre-Order Now Open! Out December 4th!

Droneroom: Jesus Year Pre-Order Now Open! Out December 4th!

Droneroom has made his presence known on the scene this year with a number of releases with three occurring on Somewherecold Records. When I first met Blake Conley in downtown Louisville, it was to talk specifically about this record. Jesus Year was released in 2018 on another label but in very limited quantity. This album, basically, is why I asked Droneroom to join the Somewherecold Records label and it has been a fruitful collaboration that has turned into a great friendship.

Jesus Year, like other albums on the label, comes in a limited edition digipak and also has a deluxe edition with our well received icebox editions. EVERY PHYSICAL COPY COMES WITH A SPECIAL DOWNLOAD CARD FOR REMIXES FROM THE ALBUM.

This is the final release for what has been a fantastic year for the label in spite of all the craziness in the world. I’m so glad art has brought so many people together.

From Blake himself ~
“In order to see where you’ve been, you obviously have to look back.  The knowledge gleamed from this self reflection is often worth the risks of turning into salt or having your lover trapped in the underworld forever.  So with this, we come to this reissue of droneroom’s Jesus Year.

Originally released on Banana Tapes in 2018, this album was a culmination of events for droneroom’s Blake Edward Conley.  A casting off of life, loves, and location, shedding the weight of the past for the rewards of the future.  The music within written where he came from (Nashville TN) and recorded where he ended up (Louisville KY) and utilizing the ideas he had before married to the techniques he learned later.  One foot in the past and one in the future often means you’re pissing on the present but sometimes you have to find a place to empty yourself to be able to go forward.

Finally allowed to exist in its intended form, this reissue of Jesus Year is both an opportunity to take stock of the past and readdress it.  Freshly adorned with the original intended art by Jessi Wiggers and a wider release (originally cassette only, 25 copies long sold out), this is an opportunity to give a fresh fit to the puzzle that is the droneroom discography.  In addition, going along with theme of reassessment is an deluxe version with an extended live version of the album closer Dancing Plastic Flowers, recorded in Louisville in 2020, mere days before state lock down.  This new version came about at a time when Conley was attempting to use the past to find inspirations for the future.  And one could say, that is the whole reason for this rerelease.”

Droneroom: Jesus Year will be released on December 4, 2020 on limited CD in Digipak as well as in a deluxe edition. All physical orders will come with a special download card for an EP of Remixes.

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