Federico Balducci: Cadet de l'espace OUT TODAY!

Federico Balducci: Cadet de l’espace OUT TODAY!

Well, it’s another release day from Somewherecold Records. Last week was the release of Circumrotation: Cosmonaut, Radio Signals, and The Muse 7″ Lathe Vinyl, half of which is The Corrupting Sea as well as the amazing Federico Balducci. Cadet de l’espace is an epic piece of guitar work, moving from soaring melodies to ambient, glacial textures. Federico Balducci hails from the North Eastern U.S. and has toured the region extensively. He’s also released a prolific amount of quality albums that everyone should experience. Fantastic live, Balducci demonstrates his musical instincts and virtuoso.

The album is out today, September 11, on limited CD and Digital. Get your copy at the bandcamp link below.


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