OUT NOW – Outward: I Will Be Something (Somewherecold Records, 2020)

Hello Somewherecold faithful! I’ve decided to release the Outward album a day early. We all need music and I didn’t want to hold onto this album any longer. Get your digital copies now and turn up the volume. Corey Philpot really knocked this one out of the park and I highly recommend you give it a listen and buy a disc. It will support both the label and his family which has recently had a new edition (a baby, if you are all wondering). Far more subtle and open sounding, I Will Be Something turns a corner for Philpot as he demonstrates the ability to convey new meanings through some softer and lighter moments. Entering more into the realms of shoegaze and dreampop, he expands his repertoire beyond sludgegaze and, in doing so, dazzles the listener.

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