FEATURED VIDEO: Tymbro - "You Too"

FEATURED VIDEO: Tymbro – “You Too”

Tymbro hails from Rome, Italy and is the solo project of Gianpiero Timbro. “You Too” is a dreampop sensation, blending ambient textures with bright guitars, and beautiful melody lines that play off one another. The synth work on the track also adds a wonderful nostalgic feel hailing back to the best of 80’s synth pop. The vocals are dreamy, set just far enough back in the track to be ethereal and perfectly mixed. The video itself plays off all these dream worlds, from silky purple smoke, to ballerinas, to tapes on a table, and much more. If this track is an indication of Tymbro‘s next album, the Dreampop and Shoegaze community are in for a treat!


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