SINGLE RELEASE: Outward - "Bored of the Universe" (Somewherecold, 2020)

SINGLE RELEASE: Outward – “Bored of the Universe” (Somewherecold, 2020)

Somewherecold is proud to present the first single from Outward‘s forthcoming album I Will Be Something! The single comes with an exclusive b-side entitled “Set Go” which will appear nowhere else. “Bored of the Universe” shows Outward‘s massive growth in maturity for Philpot and, in part, some places filled with a new feel. “Bored of the Universe” demonstrates an amazing transformation in Philpot‘s work. Give the single a listen, buy a copy for a $1 to get the exclusive track, and help support the artist’s forthcoming album I Will Be Something coming out April 3rd. Having heard the full album, I can tell you, it’s going to be a favorite among many for the year. Further, there will be a few more singles with exclusive b-sides coming your way soon!


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