VIDEO PREMIERE: The Corrupting Sea - "Ontos III" (Somewherecold Records/Histamine Tapes 2020)

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Corrupting Sea – “Ontos III” (Somewherecold Records/Histamine Tapes 2020)

As a part of the launch of The Corrupting Sea: Ontology on CD, a video for “Ontos III” has been released on the Somewherecold Records’ Youtube channel. As the liner notes say, “Ontos II” and “Ontos III” explore our small part in our vast universe. We, a group of humans, wildlife, and fauna flying at a massive speed through space on a very tiny rock relative to the whole of the universe. It’s a remarkable thing and boggles the mind when one ruminates about it. Histamine Tapes originally put the album out on tape and as the subsequent tour began, the tape soon sold out. It has now been reprinted on CD as a combined release between Somewherecold Records and Histamine Tapes.


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