2019 - Somewherecold Records Update

2019 – Somewherecold Records Update

There is so much happening over at the Somewherecold Records’ label and it’s been an exciting, amazing year.


On Friday, Akkad the Orphic Priest: Periapt hit the streets. It’s an amazing electronic piece of art and I HIGHLY recommend you get your copy as they have indeed been moving.


Next up are the pre-orders. David Newlyn has an INCREDIBLE album coming on October 25th and the stock is getting low and I highly recommend you get one of those copies that are left.


The new single from Tombstones in Their Eyes “Maybe Someday” and the titular track from their forthcoming album “Maybe Someday” will be released officially on November 6th with a special B-Side “I Can’t Feel It Anymore (Junkie Version)” which is not available on the album.


Currently, the latest pre-order is from Tombstones in Their Eyes full album “Maybe Someday” which will be released to the world on Nov. 15th!


Coming soon are pre-orders for Giacomelli and Blanket Swimming!

There isn’t much left to the year and I’m hoping you all will help us finish super strong. Here’s a list of releases from the year in genre lists. Get complete collections people! We can’t do this without you!


Outward​: That’s Life
blue unit​: Blue Unit
Nebula Glow​: Nebula Glow
The Microdance​: “Lovesick Kisses” (Single)
The Micrordance: “Hippo Highway!” (Single)
The Microdance: “Sad Hearts in Hell” (Single)
Tombstones In Their Eyes​: “Open Skies” (Single)
Tombstones In Their Eyes: “Maybe Someday (Single)
Tombstones In Their Eyes: Maybe Someday


A Journey of Giraffes​: Hour Club
Trilogy I: Atop​ / The Corrupting Sea
John the Silent: Pollution/Opportunity
Winterwood​: Forest
Anders Brørby​: Kill Count
Trilogy I: Anders Brørby​ / The Corrupting Sea
Heavy Sunrise​: Mission to Microsha
Nick Maloney​: Water Studies
The Corrupting Sea: Lies Told to Me In My Youth
Trilogy I: Yellow6​/ The Corrupting Sea
Fritz Pape​: No One Has Reached the Ocean
A Journey of Giraffes: Kona
The Warm Jets​: Here We Come
Nick Maloney: Grey Matter
droneroom​: I’ll Make It Up To You, I Swear
Atop: Periapt
David Newlyn: Slow Motion (Variations)

We have a few more announcements coming and I’m totally stoked to share them with you!

Check our events page for upcoming gigs, etc.

We also have shirts: https://somewherecoldrecords.bandcamp.com/merch/somewherecold-records-logo-t-shirt
It means a lot when we can get the name of the label out and about. It helps. It really does.

As we move toward December, I hope you all have a great end of the year. Buy lots of music or your friends for Christmas!


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