FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Microdance - "Hippo Highway!" Single (Somewherecold Records, 2019)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Microdance – “Hippo Highway!” Single (Somewherecold Records, 2019)

The Microdance is a London based band consisting of Alex Keevill (guitars/synth/lapteel guitar/vox/bass), Andy Davis (guitars), John Ganner (Drums), and DileGari (bass/vox). August 30th will see the release of their much-anticipated follow-up to New Waves of Hope entitled Our Love Noire. “Hippo Highway” is the second release from the new album, and it is gritty look a bit more of the album’s sound.

The Microdance is described by Vice Magazine as “a heady confection of epic alternative rock, shoegaze, new wave with the occasional dose of tasteful metal – the most exciting alt rock in a decade” and their newest outing lives up to the description.

“Hippo Highway” is the 10th track for Our Love Noire and showcases the emotive grit at the core of Our Love Noire. More moody and careful than “Lovesick Kisses”, “Hippo Highway” still has explosive moments that are more on the hypnotic side. “Reckless Youth: Doomed By the Stars” features Bridget Dara Walsh of 10:32 on vocals. There is a B-side that sets off the track with an acoustic foil. This is TMD’s singer-songwriter side, naked and laid bare. The b-sides to both singles are only available with the digital downloads.

‘Hippo Highway!’ is released 07/16 on Somewherecold Records.

Following the release of the single, all recipients of the promo files are free to play the single and the b-side on their radio shows and feature the tracks on their blogs. The Microdance is also available for interviews.


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