Andrew Tasselmyer & Patrick Spatz: Interior Currents (Constellation Tatsu, 2019)

Andrew Tasselmyer & Patrick Spatz: Interior Currents (Constellation Tatsu, 2019)

by Jason

Constellation Tatsu is a label that seems to have its pulse on all things brilliant in electronic and ambient music. The newest batch of releases includes Interior Currents from Andrew Tasselmyer & Patrick Spatz. It’s a release that has movements in four pieces, each numbered as an “Interior Current”. The tracks move from glacial and majestic to glittering and strangely organic. There are layers here that draw the listener in, sooth the soul, and have the effect of evoking memories or moments for the listener. As all great ambient works should be, Interior Currents is both beautifully simple but deceptively so given its depth.

“Interior Currents Number 1” flows into the speakers as stringed layers lightly circle a central drone, playing at a delicate dance of increasing density. A light aural fog envelops the piece as Tasselmyer & Spatz begin to take the listener on this impressive journey. The river of aural textures lulls the listener into a peaceful state, continuing like a warm, ethereal comfort. As layers silently move out of the way, others come to the fore, presenting deep, almost bubbling moments that crackle with light static on the edges. “Interior Currents Number 2” is populated by the sound of birds in the distance, taking up residence in the ringing fuzz of aural blankets. Deep throbs move in and out of the mix as edges of brightness breach the surface. This shorter piece moves towards a crescendo and then the layers begin to peal away, moving into the distance as others move to the fore.

“Interior Currents Number 3” is a wake-up call, as if the sun had breached the horizon and all nature awoke. Bright and glistening, it soars into the atmosphere and glides like an eagle riding thermals. A melody appears through the gleaming and morphs once again into a glorious drone. Fits of low tones interrupt the movement and then take over, like an engine driving the earth in its rotation. The sound of the engine acquiesces to an angelic tone as one’s attention is brought into a more meditative beauty. “Interior Currents Number 4” rises, ghostly and large and then fades into a rain forest of sounds and organic moments. Birds lightly chirp as vocal apparitions float in the hazy cavities amidst the rolling drones. Crackles fill the air along with stuttering, machine like tones that act as foils to the more organic elements. As a calm hits, the listener breaths, and then the drones move in and out of focus, sliding toward the end of the journey.

Tasselmyer & Spatz have constructed a breathtaking set of tracks with Interior Currents. Rolling moments of ambient and drone-filled bliss and tension, the pieces are composed with a delicate effectiveness that produce both a simplicity and complexity at the same time. Interior Currents should make it on top ambient/experimental lists this year.


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