Somewherecold Records 2019 So Far

Somewherecold Records 2019 So Far

Well, it’s been one hell of a 2019 so far and the releases still keep coming. As far as I can see, there will be no slowing down in the near future as long as people keep supporting the label and finances remain stable (as is always the case will all ventures like this). As a label owner, I’m grateful for all of you who have already supported SWCR and I’m hoping that many more will come to love the label enough to purchase something along the way. As it is, there’s a lot invested so far this year and I’m asking that, if you haven’t yet, hop on the SWC train and want to buy some music, I would love to see your name pop up in the purchase list on bandcamp! It’s always a treat to get that e-mail from fans that says you’ve supported us and the artists.


Well, to sort out what’s going on at the label right now, we have a record three pre-orders going at the same time. Blue Unit brings to the table an incredibly beautiful set of dreampop tracks that I hope will wow people like they have me. You can get a copy here:

There are two ambient/experimental albums up for purchase and both feature the amazing Anders Brørby. The first is the full-length album Kill Count which is a dark and disturbing reflection on the victims of a serial killer. Yes, this is not our usual fair but the compositions are amazingly powerful and thought provoking and I highly recommend you all give it a chance and pick up a copy. Very limited CD versions on pre-order here:

The newest pre-order is from the Trilogy series and is the second part of Trilogy I. This second installation in the series is a split with Anders Brørby and The Corrupting Sea. If you love ambient electronic or guitar music, this is one for you. Also, get a copy of the first album with Akkad the Orphic Priest and The Corrupting Sea if you want a complete collection of the Trilogy. The third installment will be announced very soon.


As I’ve expressed before, I believe in all the projects I put out at the label. I mean, why would I put them out if I didn’t love each and every one of them? At the end of the day, the hope is that the label breaks even. If I could supplement my family’s income and have the artists make money (yes, my artists make money from the label if profits are made), well, that would be the dream. Anyway, these are the releases that have populated the label for this year so far! So much great music here and I hope you will pick something up if you already haven’t!

The year started off with the brilliant Outward: That’s Life. A one man project, the album is a study in intimate and honest lyrics alongside a sludgegaze fest that really is powerful. Check out the album and get yourself a copy of the limited compact disc!

The next release was a three disc, in-house made physical release for the amazing A Journey of Giraffes. Hour Club was an instant favorite of mine and I highly recommend you invest your time in this album. So much to hear and experience and the physical copy was a labor of love to make. Check it out and, be warned, there are very few physical copies made so get one while they last!

April saw the debut album from John the Silent released. It’s entitled Pollution/Opportunity and is an ambient/experimental masterpiece. I cannot say enough about this intensely provocative album that stands at the boarder of protest and calming engagement. Get your copy here:

April also saw the release of Winterwood‘s Forest. Four tracks of neo-classical ambient beauty, this amazingly talented duo come right out of the gate on the label with an amazing release. There are more releases to come from Winterwood and I cannot wait to share with you all their amazing catalog of recordings!

Waiting in the wings are releases from Nebula Glow and Nicholas Maloney but we’ve also got a number of other amazing albums coming but, again, we can’t do this without all of you! Thanks in advance for the support and spread the news if you can!

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