NEW RELEASE: The Warm Jets - "We're Mulling It Over" (Somewherecold Records, 2018)

NEW RELEASE: The Warm Jets – “We’re Mulling It Over” (Somewherecold Records, 2018)

In the middle of October, The Warm Jets quietly posted their debut single “We’re Mulling It Over” on the Somewherecold Records’ bandcamp. Free to download, this first track is an indicator of what is to come as the duo works toward their first LP. The Warm Jets is the newest project from Jason Lamoreaux (The Corrupting Sea, Somewherecold) and Christopher Boss (Kind Skies). New recording sessions are up and coming and the album will come about for a release sometime in 2019 on Somewherecold Records. Stream the track below at the Bandcamp link and go ahead and download the track so you can listen wherever you wish. Thanks for the support!


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