FEATURED EP Jübl: Thinking Sweet (Self Release, 2018)

FEATURED EP Jübl: Thinking Sweet (Self Release, 2018)

by Jason

Released on the 30th anniversary of the release of A.R. Kane‘s 69, Thinking Sweet marks the first release for Rudy Tambala under the Jübl moniker. A pioneer in dreampop, Tambala is joined by music mates Maggie Tambala and Andy Taylor as they produce three tracks that exemplify everything that was great about A.R. Kane. The EP is genre busting, moving from the groovy, R&B soaked “Thinking About You” to the dreamy, almost ambient “Sweet Dreams”. Through the EP, there are signature dreampop elements, but they are crafted and mixed in a way that really push the genre into new territory.

Spanish guitar populates these tracks alongside fuzzed out guitar tones and feedback. There is a soulfulness throughout the entire EP but, I have to say, “Thinking Sweet Fusion” is a triumph. It is the last track on the album and Tambala (Maggie) and Taylor‘s vocals wonderfully dance over the carefully orchestrated, experimental soundscapes. Moving from floating, wandering sound-waves to dreamy acoustic melodies, this last track really is incredible in its execution.

Check out the latest offering from former A.R. Kane master Rudy Tambala as this new reincarnated trio Jübl spins their magical spells on Thinking Sweet. Jübl‘s Thinking Sweet is out today, June 20th, on their bandcamp!

Also, after the bandcamp streaming box below, check out the chance to get a copy of 69 by A.R. Kane on very rare vinyl as well as some other goodies!

A Message from Jübl:

June 20 2018 is A.R. Kane’s ‘sixty nine’ LPs 30th birthday. To celebrate, Rudy Tambala (A.R Kane) is gifting a mint condition, original, signed, vinyl of sixty nine. Wow!

This rare copy has an embossed sleeve with a delicate spot varnish and the extraordinary blue inner sleeve, and unlike the fake re-issues, it was pressed from the scintillating, warm tape masters, not the brittle CD.


The LP is from Rudy’s private collection and has been lovingly stored for three decade, wrapped in feedback and buried in reverb, to maintain its integrity.


Also, to further mark the occasion Rudy is dropping the debut EP ‘Thinking Sweet’ by Jübl “… new name for the band, for a new era …” and will be gifting an extremely limited edition Thinking Sweet USB box (just 20 made, it retails at £40, only on bandcamp).


A bunch of bandcamp free download codes for the Thinking Sweet EP will be thrown into the mix, so there will be many winners. 


To enter this solstice lottery of Jübl Kane goodness, all you have to do is follow/Like the Jübl page and share the message pinned to the top, sit back, and dream yourself into a winner state of being.


Rudy says “The solstice has always been a special time for me, my birthday on June 20, the endless summer nights, a magical feeling from dawn right through the night. I never sleep on the solstice, stay awake for three days, 20, 21,22. We released sixty nine over the solstice to channel some of that energy; I think it worked.


With Jübl we wanted to do the same thing, and there is a very similar vibe to this release. On solstice eve we want as many people to hear Jübl as possible, so if you buy it, we’ll give you an additional code for free, to share with a friend. if you can’t afford it right now, just message us and we’ll get you a code. Happy summer solstice!”


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