TRACK PREMIERE: Auburn Lull - Starlet (The Green Kingdom Remix)

TRACK PREMIERE: Auburn Lull – Starlet (The Green Kingdom Remix)

by Jason

Auburn Lull have long been a favorite around Somewherecold. Hailing from Lansing, MI, the band consists of Sean Heenan, Jason Kolb, Eli Wekenman, Ron Gibbs, and Jason Wiesinger. In 2017, they released the amazing album entitled Hypha, their first in almost a decade. Critically acclaimed, this surprise return from the band contained nine exquisite tracks one of which has now been remixed by ambient artist The Green Kingdom (Michael Cottone). The fourth track on Hypha, “Starlet” is a dreamy affair with sparse instrumentation and a flowing, lulling drone. The vocals are just gorgeous as they float along with the amorphous tonal choices the band makes. Adding almost two minutes to the track, Cottone infuses it with more ambient patience and it is absolutely glorious. Stretching out notes and adding textures and clicks and pops, Cottone does “Starlet” justice while still adding a unique touch to the piece. The reuse of the vocals is impressive and the sort of track rearrangement beautiful. Give it a listen and go buy a copy of Hypha if you haven’t already!



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