The Somewherecold Mega - We Reached a 1000 Likes on Facebook - Giveaway!

The Somewherecold Mega – We Reached a 1000 Likes on Facebook – Giveaway!

Well, it’s celebration time here at Somewherecold. What are we celebrating? Well over 1000 of you all liked our facebook page. Might seem small to some but it’s an honor to us. To celebrate 1000 likes at Somewherecold’s facebook page, we are doing a MEGA-giveaway! That’s right, four prize packages that will be given at a drawing on Friday, April 13th! The way this will be done is the following:

1. You will need to make a comment on the facebook post about this drawing! We will enter your name into a computer generated randomizer that will pick out four names. There are four prize packages. The names will be drawn for package #4 first, then #3, then #2, then the top price will be drawn. You can enter by commenting on this post here. ALL COMMENTS MUST BE LEFT AT THE FOLLOWING LINK. COMMENTS ON THIS STORY IN OTHER PLACES WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR THE DRAWING!:

2. Once names are drawn, folks will be notified and asked for a mailing address. If people do not respond within 5 days time, another name will be drawn for the prize. We will contact people via Facebook messenger unless otherwise directed.

3. Then, packages will be mailed out as soon as humanly possible.

Ok, on to the goods!


Explosions in the Sky: The Wilderness – Red & Maroon Vinyl. TRL Store Exclusive.
Pia Fraus: Field Ceremony – Vinyl
Bloody Knives: White Light Black Moon – Vinyl + copy of special limited edition book
The Sound Gallery: Phos – CD
Dead Leaf Echo: Beyond.Desire – CD
Pia Fraus: That’s Not All EP – CD
Pia Fraus: Mountain Trip EP – CD


#2 Prize Package

Benoit Pioulard: Lignin Poise – Vinyl
Aidan Baker with Claire Brentnall: Delirious Things – Vinyl
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk: Passage – Vinyl
Pia Fraus: Field Ceremony – CD
Pia Fraus: That’s Not All EP – CD




Bundle includes:

– 12” 180GM ‘Coke Bottle Clear w/ Black’ vinyl LP
– Compact Disc
– Bundle exclusive cassette tape
– Bundle exclusive ‘Strawberry.Skin’ 7” vinyl record
– Bundle exclusive ‘Beyond.Desire’ button
– Bundle exclusive Poster
– Bonus 7” vinyl

#4 PRIZE PACKAGE – Somewherecold Records Megapack!

Aidan Baker: aberration – CD and Cassette
The Corrupting Sea: Samatta – CD
The Corrupting Sea: Resist – Cassette
The Corrupting Sea: Symphony of a Radical – CD
Mis+ress: S/T – CD and Cassette
Ummagma: LCD EP – CD
The Beremy Jets: EP Collection I – Cassette
Buttons…. glorious buttons!

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