93millionmilesfromthesun: New Fuzz EP (Self-Release, 2018)

93millionmilesfromthesun: New Fuzz EP (Self-Release, 2018)

by Jason

I like a song with a good long, patient burn, it’s probably the ambient lover in me. When shoegaze bands do it, it’s one of the best things to my ears. 93millionmilesfromthesun is one of those bands that have that knack for stretching out their brilliance into these meanderingly hypnotic moments and they do so in a few places on their newly released New Fuzz EP. The third in a series of EP’s, New Fuzz is five songs that display both the loud, aggressive walls of sound the band is known for alongside quieter, more pensive moments. For those of you new to the band, 93millionmilesfromthesun is from Doncaster, U.K. and consists of four members: Nick Noble (guitar/effects/vox), Jase Burns (drums/loops), Glyn Fox (guitars/keys/samples), and Kenno (bass/effects). The quartet bring a brand of experimentation to their noise laden, blissed out walls of sound but they most certainly aren’t hiding behind them. There’s genuinely great songs here and the reason their music is so incredible is the foundation upon which they lay everything.

“Feel It Come” explodes into the speakers with a fuzzed-out melody that drapes over driving drums and bass. Different guitar layers are panned either to the right or left, giving the mix a large feel while reverb drenched vocals float in the haziness. Eventually the percussion, bass, and vocals fall away to give way to a fuzzed-out guitar strumming along in an entrancing, slowly drawn out moment. “Snow/Fall” begins slowly, with dreamy guitars and lilting vocals. Guitars trill into walls of sound while others create those wonderful wall-like undercurrents. This moves into the percussion heavy “Rise”, which, for some reason, has a cinematic flavor to me. Fuzzy bass and guitars with less effects on them play melodies while reverb and delayed sounds float about in the backdrop. The piece is a beautiful instrumental that sits as a perfect centerpiece to the EP.

“Lie Down” has a sinister sort of feel in the vocal work as guitars buzz about like walls of bees. Again, and I can’t stress this enough: the bass and drum work on this album are superb! Burns and Kenno are definitely a dynamic duo in that department. “Lie Down” is a fantastic penultimate track and it leads into the finale “Never Knowing Why”. This last song has a synth heavy vibe with sampled drums that sit over drones. Fuzzed out guitars join the mix and different layers move in and out of the mix. This track really demonstrates that 93millionmilesfromthesun is more than willing to experiment and, when they do, they produce something fabulous.

EPs, good EPs, always leave the listener wanting more and New Fuzz is no different. It is six tracks that move by, each brilliant in their own way, far too quickly. 93milliommilesfromthesun never disappoint and their newest offering is a great edition to their already stellar catalog. Here’s hoping we get a new full-length soon! Get a copy of the EP at their Bandcamp which is embedded below.


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