Turning - Turning (Self-Release, 2018)

Turning – Turning (Self-Release, 2018)

by Jason

Turning is glorious. Let me say that again…. Turning…. is…. GLORIOUS! For those of you who don’t know what Turning is, it’s the solo project of Landing’s very own Aaron Snow. The layermeister returns with his guitars, whirling and casting a massively enigmatic spell on his listeners. These are the types of tracks that reach into your soul and connect with something indescribable and personal. Recorded 12/17-2/18 at home onto cassette tape, the results of Snow’s DIY approach bare an incredible quality.

This three song EP begins with “Mercer”. From the very first notes, you know you are in for something special. Snow’s use of stereo and panning brings life to the various tones and lulls the listener into his own aural world. It’s the longest track on this all too short EP and the guitar work here is just masterful. Delayed guitar lines echo in and out of the mix while that special sound of tape is every present. The wall of sound that eventually builds never masks the brilliant melodic undertones. “Send Me Down” has a bit more structure, with warbling guitar walls, dusty deeply buried vocals, and light drum work. It’s the shortest piece on the EP and it really has these brilliant moments that stick out on this short debut. Eventually the warbles disappear to reveal a clear guitar with drums sort of off in the distance to one side. It’s a great conclusion to the track. The last piece is “Instrumental I” and it is a slow, careful, and patient ambient piece. A shaker hypnotizes in one speaker while acoustic guitar plays melodic lines over ambient drones. When the track fades, it just leaves the listener wanting so much more.

If one knows Landing’s output, one shouldn’t be surprised at the greatness encased in these three tracks. Snow is deft as a guitar player and frankly a genius at arrangement. His choice of tones and textures are incredible and his ability to layer tracks while allowing each tone and texture to stand out demonstrates his brilliance. Turning is a must have for any fan of ambient music or Landing. Get a copy at name your price on Bandcamp! You won’t be disappointed.


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