by Jason

Maff is a self-proclaimed alternative rock band from Santiago, Chile. While that’s the case, I would say that the label is a bit generic and there is more flavor in their sound. There are certainly shoegaze elements mixed with a nice portion of dreampop in their sound. “Hawaii” is the second single from the forthcoming EP entitled Melañiña and it is a thunderous affair. The bass is deep, deep in the low registers and the cymbal work chiming and energetic. Guitars make spacey sounds while the vocals sit in a cavernous reverb amid vigorous use of the shaker. The band creates beautiful walls of sound but never uses them to overpower the framework of the song. This is definitely on the nosier side of the shoegaze genre, but Maff bring a finesse to it with their tight songwriting structure. Melañiña will be released on April 2, 2018. Give “Hawaii” a listen, as well as the first single from the album “Desfile”, and pre-order! Highly recommended!



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