by Jason

You know, there are bands that just bring joy in your life. Bands that fill the airwaves with music that reaches you in a sort of special way. Those bands whose songs are in your head when you wake up first thing in the morning, greeting you through your memories. For me, one of those bands is Oxy. Hailing from Brazil, Oxy‘s brand of shoegaze laden dreampop is striking. Their soaring guitars coupled with Sara Cândido‘s dreamy vocals is a thing of musical dreams. Last year, they released one of the best EP’s of 2017 and now they’ve released a video for one of those tracks. It is entitled “Mad”. Directed and produced by Enzo Correia, the video perfectly works with this track, moving from a visual story of a woman whose face we never see to visuals of the band playing and then back again. It’s brilliantly shot and really is evocative of the track and its lyrics. At the end of the day, its difficult to find the words for how much I love this band’s music and the video just ends up enhancing this particular track all that much more. Give it a view and then go get Oxy‘s absolutely brilliant EP!


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