Chill in the Chill - Somewherecold Spotifycast #55

Chill in the Chill – Somewherecold Spotifycast #55

Hello Somewherecold Faithful! Well, this week’s spotifycast is getting posted a bit later than normal but here it is! I have a gathered a collection of tracks for you to chill out with in this chillier whether (well, for some of us anyway). This collection of ambient tracks are from of my favorite ambient artists and I hope you enjoy the sonic ride each one offers. Included in the playlist are tracks from Tanner Garza, City of Dawn, Tapes and Topographies, Myopic, The Corrupting Sea (yes, I know this is me. Shameless promotion once again?), Derek Rogers, Adam Pacione, Pjusk, Simon Scott, Aidan Baker, Billow Observatory, Yellow6, and Bvdub. ENJOY!

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