TRACK PREMIERE: Beatastic - Blood and Moonlight

TRACK PREMIERE: Beatastic – Blood and Moonlight

by Jason

Beatastic is the work of Nicolas Pierre Wardell out of Brighton, England. Preparing for a new double album,”Blood and Moonlight” is the first single to appear from this grand project. Due out on December 3rd, 40 Moons is an ambitious project meant to show that an independent artist can produce a project large in scope and yet consistent. An experimental, electronic piece, “Blood and Moonlight” is enhanced through the visual art of Vdrey, revealing the tortured sort of topics Wardell wishes to address throughout the album. “Blood and Moonlight” reflects on the state of the world, as does the thread that runs through the entirety of the album, as thumping bass, fuzzy guitars, and electronic glitches populate the aural soundscape being shaped here. Give the video a watch and check out the track.

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