PRE-ORDER! Ummagma: LCD (Somewherecold Records, 2017)

PRE-ORDER! Ummagma: LCD (Somewherecold Records, 2017)

Hello Somewherecold faithful! Somewherecold Records have some exciting things coming down the pike and one of those is Ummagma‘s new EP entitled LCD. The EP will be released on September 22nd and is already available for pre-order. Not only do fans get some new Ummagma music but also remixes from Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins fame and Dean Garcia from Curve, SPC ECO, and S T F U fame. It’s an incredible set of tracks that you shouldn’t miss! We hear at Somewherecold Records will be releasing the CD while Label Obscura will be releasing the Cassette and Digital copies. You can preview the Robin Guthrie remix of “Lama” at the Bandcamp link below. The newly released Dean Garcia SPC ECO mix of “Back to You” can be heard at the Soundcloud link below.

Ummagma: LCD EP Tracks

  1. LCD
  2. LCD (Dean Garcia SPC ECO Mix)
  3. Lama (Robin Guthrie Mix)
  4. Back to You (Dean Garcia Mix)


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