FEATURED TRACK: bvdub - Limitless

FEATURED TRACK: bvdub – Limitless

by Jason

I think n5MD has quickly become one of my favorite labels on the planet. Their releases never cease to amazing me and this Sept 15th, they are releasing another glorious album from bvdub. bvdub is the music moniker of Brock Van Wey, “Limitless” is the single that is offered with the pre-order of bvdub‘s new album Heartless. It is a gloriously haunting ambient piece of sonic art. Piano plays a light, meditative melody over misty drones. A soulful voice echos amidst the sonic clouds as if to be a harbinger of hope. Layers build in the piece, but never to the point of overtaking it. It never loses that haunting sense of wonder or glory. Van Wey, with his massive back catalog, demonstrates why he’s among those on n5MD which has a cavalcade of master musicians on the roster. This is ambient composition at its finest and I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album. One last thing: this album cover is now one of my favorites of all time. My only beef with it is that it isn’t on one of my own albums. Pre-order a copy of Heartless on Compact Disc, Digital, or Colored Vinyl.


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