FEATURED TRACK: Yumi Zouma - December (Cascine, 2017)

FEATURED TRACK: Yumi Zouma – December (Cascine, 2017)

by Jason

Ok, so you know those bands that, when they announce a new release, they make you all giddy? The anticipation of hearing the release is just almost too much to bare? Well, for me, that’s any release from Yumi Zoumi. This morning, in my e-mail, I got a notice that their new album Willowbank is up for pre-order and I probably made an incredibly embarrassing noise when I read the e-mail. I haven’t heard the whole album yet but the single, “December”, available for pre-order download, lives up to this band’s incredibly perfect pop sensibilities. All I can say is, give it a listen. It’s everything you expect from this band with a tinge of melancholia. Glorious in every way. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go listen to this track for the 20th time today and dance like no one’s watching. While I’m doing that, pre-order the album on vinyl which is due to ship Sept. 18th and the digital will be released on Oct. 6th.


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