The Somewherecold Radio Hour Episode #5 - Canada

The Somewherecold Radio Hour Episode #5 – Canada

Hello Somewherecold readers and Somewhere Radio Hour listeners! Yes, it is finally time for another episode of The Somewherecold Radio Hour. This Weds, June 28th, I play tracks from bands out of Canada. Included in the show are tracks from Traces, No Joy, Silver Dapple, Alvvays, Tearjerker, Soft Wounds, Kestrels, Beliefs, Slowly, You’ll Never Get to Heaven, Tuques, Slow Down Molasses, Palm Haze, Ummagma, and Indoor Voices. It’s a Great White North extravaganza and you won’t want to miss it! So join me at 9pm PST/12am EST on the DKFM apple or android app or on

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