An Evening with Japanese Breakfast at Club Dada in Dallas, TX - June 11, 2017

An Evening with Japanese Breakfast at Club Dada in Dallas, TX – June 11, 2017

by Jason

Japanese Breakfast just got off a tour opening for Slowdive’s North American leg of their tour. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see them with Slowdive since I saw Slowdive at a festival. Luckily, Japanese Breakfast decided to swing back through Dallas on yet another tour which is leading up to the release of their new album, Soft Sounds from Another Planet, in July. The band hit the stage at about 9pm and the club was packed. For those of you who don’t know, Japanese Breakfast is the solo project of Michelle Zauner. Of course, she’s not the only one on stage. Her three supporting band mates were incredibly players and really did an amazing job overall. That said, it was clear from the very first note of the gig that Zauner lives for this. She’s very much at home on stage and plays the crowd beautifully. Never mind that the music is just so good, but she brings another level that only those certain people who have that star quality do. The set list was a good mix of songs from Psychopomp and from their forthcoming album Soft Sounds from Another Planet. They are brilliant live. Go see them! Here’s the setlist and the tour dates are below.


Diving Woman (Soft Sounds from Another Planet)
In Heaven (Psychopomp)
The Woman that Loves You (Psychopomp)
Road Head (Soft Sounds from Another Planet)
Heft (Psychopomp)
Boyish (Soft Sounds from Another Planet)
Body is a Blade (Soft Sounds from Another Planet)
Jane Cum (Psychopomp)
Everybody Wants to Love You! (Psychopomp)
Machinist (Soft Sounds from Another Planet)


Tour Dates

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