FEATURED TRACK: Deafcult - Rubix (Hobbledehoy Record Co., 2017)

FEATURED TRACK: Deafcult – Rubix (Hobbledehoy Record Co., 2017)

by Jason

Deafcult is a part of the incredible, burgeoning shoegaze scene out of Australia. In 2015, they dropped an EP on Bandcamp and then there was silence, at least for those outside Australia. As someone who loves the genre personally, I was hoping they would drop something soon because I personally love their self-titled EP. Well, it seems that my shoegaze wishes were granted this week with the surprise posting of Deafcult‘s new single “Rubix”. The track is filled with layers of glistening guitar, floating and reverb drenched vocals, and powerfully performed percussion and bass work. This small window into their forthcoming release has me very excited and I cannot wait to hear the rest of this record. While much of what is going on in the world seems dire, it appears that 2017 will be the best year for shoegaze in the genre’s history. Deafcult is definitely contributing to that fact! Give “Rubix” a listen… or maybe ten listens… yes, it’s that good.

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