Sitting in the Afterglow of Slowdive - Live at Fortress Festival April 30, 2017

Sitting in the Afterglow of Slowdive – Live at Fortress Festival April 30, 2017

by Jason

What does one say about going to a concert to see one of the bands that altered how you understand music forever? As a person who writes about music and attempts to be as professional as possible, it is almost impossible not to gush having experienced a transformative moment like seeing Slowdive live for the first time. It was like an out of body experience, standing there, hearing it all, and seeing them play in front of you. Finally. A band you never thought you would get to see live because they had broken up long ago and, by all indications over the long years, would never get back together or, for that matter, make new music and bless the world with new songs. I had that moment last night. That moment that every music fan dreams of and savors. That moment when THAT band is on the stage, playing, and they are as good and as amazing as you ever imagined in your wildest dreams. I gush, but I think, in this instance, the gushing is genuine and appropriate. I’ve been to countless gigs, having been a roadie, music fan, and writer about music. Slowdive are, at the end of the day, one of the best live bands I have ever been privileged to witness.

Set List

Slowdive (Catch the Breeze)
Avalyn I (Catch the Breeze)
Catch the Breeze (Just for a Day)
Crazy for You (Pygmalion)
Star Roving (Slowdive)
Souvlaki Space Station (Souvlaki)
When the Sun Hits (Souvlaki)
Sugar for the Pill (Slowdive)
Alison (Souvlaki)
Golden Hair (Catch the Breeze)

The new tracks were incredible live. Both Star Roving and Sugar for the Pill were gems live and fit in with the entire set in terms of sound. That being said, there are no standouts in the set because every single song was incredible. There is no way to pick highlights when there are no weak songs or tracks that weren’t played well. This set was perfection from the first note until the last. This band brings listeners to tears, literally. Everyone around me at this concert was crying at one point or another, including myself. The emotive power of this band’s songs knows no height and I can’t encourage everyone enough to go and see them live. My only grievance was that it wasn’t much, much longer.

The Fortress Fest concert in Fort Worth, TX was the first stop on their North American tour. Here are the remaining dates. DO NOT MISS THEM!

May 2nd – Palace Theatre, St. Paul. Minnesota

May 3rd – The Vic, Chicago, Illinois

May 5th – Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, Canada

May 7th – 9:30 Club, Washington, DC

May 8th – Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, New York


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