The Veldt: Symmetry / Slow Grind 7” (Schoolkids Records, 2017)

The Veldt: Symmetry / Slow Grind 7” (Schoolkids Records, 2017)

by Jason

Easily considered one of the most innovative bands in shoegaze, The Veldt returned with The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation EP to great acclaim in 2016. For record store day, the band released a 7″ vinyl release through Schoolkids Records and the two songs on the single are just breathtaking. Here, the band not only brings their signature soulful side but also a beautifully composed ambient sensibility.

“Symmetry” is a resplendent sensual track that begins with drones and gorgeous sonic textures flittering about. Once the vocals kick in, Daniel Chavis‘ smooth, buttery vocals drip out of the speakers and mesmerize. As always, he is a charmer, bleeding that R&B charisma like it’s second nature. He sings amid a swirl of ambient textures that almost scream and float about with piano and sparse drums undergirding the mix. Light bass work accentuates Chavis‘ vocal lines and really plays an almost counter melody with the piano work.

“Slow Grind” is this B-side wonder with trip-hop percussion under a fantastically composed ambient number. It begins rather simply and then the ambience just washes over the track and never leaves until the final fade. Guitars play various lines throughout, shimmering but remaining recessed in the track. The vocals are almost My Bloody Valentine-esque, deep in the mix and unintelligible. Even though that’s the case. Chavis still retains his swagger somehow and it’s brilliant. It’s a great track that is a huge reminder of the band’s innovation and their ability to bend genres with no apologies.

The Veldt, as usual, display their innovative prowess as they shape and mold different genres, blend them, and then create something that feels organic and beautiful. Their resurgence has been a wonderful thing and their contributions to the music world immensely welcome. The Veldt offer two stunning tracks no fan should miss.

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