FEATURED TRACKS: Nilein - Holidays and Easy

FEATURED TRACKS: Nilein – Holidays and Easy

by Jason

Some days are just so cool. Sometimes, you wake up in the morning and there are some special treats in your message box. Well, that day was yesterday for me at Somewherecold. A quartet called Nilein out of Kolkata, India happened to send me a link to a few of their tracks and oh what great tracks they are. The first is “Holidays”. It’s a bright, shimmering dreampop song with mid-tempo drums and subtle bass work. The vocals are drenched in reverb and altogether dreamy. It’s a gorgeous debut for this band that came out of left field for me. The second track, “Easy”, is a bit more on the experimental side. Lo-fi guitar work strums a simple melody over what sounds like a sample of the day at the beach. While the first track had a male singer, this one has female vocals that peer from out beneath the waves. It is a mesmerizing track that floats through your speakers into aural space like a ghostly treat. Give a listen to the tracks below and enjoy! I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


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